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Janie Lightfoot has been running her textile conservation and restoration studio for over 35 years. Janie is an accredited conservator and has worked extensively in the public and private sector, both nationally and internationally, including recent projects in Albania and India. Janie also acts as a consultant for several major institutions; she is an associate lecturer at University of the Arts London and a frequent speaker at conservation and textile conferences. Her passion for textiles and collecting is what has driven the studio to where it is today.


The studio has a long history with working with museums, dealers, auction houses and a number of private collectors.


We are based in North West London and run out of two fully equipped studios. We are currently a team of 8, with a broad skill base, allowing us to take on a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from large 3 dimensional textiles to fine intricate items. 


The extensive studio collection allows us to work with students and interns, encouraging the development of conservation skills for the future. 

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