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Along with more traditional textile conservation practices such as wet cleaning, stitch repairs, lining and mounting of costumes, tapestries, embroideries and carpets we also offer the following services: -

Documentation and professional photography documentation

We work with collectors and archivists to provide a comprehensive service that works best for their collection. This involves working with collection management systems, documenting and photographing items to a professional standard.

Installation of large textiles

We have an experienced team accustomed to working at heights, on scaffolding and with large textiles, allowing us to work efficiently and safely during installations.

We have carried out work at a number of churches, historic houses, private homes and libraries. The sitarah, depicted below, measures 640 x 340 cm and was installed at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies by our team in 2015.

Collaborative Project
We often work with conservators of different disciplines including paper conservators, photograph specialists, and objects conservators.
Recent projects include an advertising automaton corset, a silk lined paper pedigree of the Beaumont family and a Prussian Garde du Corps helmet.
Consultation for collection care, pest management and environmental monitoring
Preventive conservation is an equally important aspect to our work. We can provide advice on climate control and monitoring, pest control 
Conservation framing
The studio also has a fully equipped workshop, where we carry out conservation framing. Projects range from small samplers to large regimental colours or ecclesiastical textiles. UV filtered and anti-reflective glass can be supplied. 
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