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Two William Morris Carpets, St. Andrew's Church, Roker

Insitu before treatment

During the wet cleaning process

During the wet cleaning process


Detail before treatment


Detail before treatment


Insitu after treatment

Treatment Carried Out:

  • The carpets were then thoroughly surface cleaned using variable control museum vacuums to remove particulate soiling and some ingrained dirt.


  • The tape, formerly securing the carpets together and areas of loss, was mechanically removed and the adhesive residue was removed using solvent.


  • All dyes were tested for colour fastness and all proved stable.


  • Spray extraction was used to clean the carpets further. This was done using 0.2% solution of Dehypon LS45 (conservation grade detergent) in de-ionised water. To ensure that all of the detergent was removed the process was repeated using only de-ionised water.


  • Areas of loss were infilled using mesh canvas, 5 holes to the inch; this was re-knotted using colour-matched wool.


  • The edges were secured using wool (DMC 7339 & 7288). Laid thread couching was carried out to the abraded area of the chancel carpet, this was done through a scoured linen support.


  • Two strips of loop Velcro® were machine stitched to a heavy duty black cotton tape; this was then stitched along the reverse of the two ends that meet. An independent strip was prepared using two strips of hook side Velcro®. This was positioned under where the two carpets met to secure them together and reduce the risk of tripping.


  • Polyester needle felt underlay was positioned under the two carpets


Detail after treatment


Detail after treatment

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